Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Osteria Mozza - Seven Years Later

Though it's only four miles away from home and I pass it every time I drive to my Century City office, I hadn't thought about returning to Osteria Mozza since our visit there in 2011.  But a spur of the moment decision to have a nice dinner near home tonight led to this return visit.  We were lucky to snag a 6:30pm reservation, as the days after a Monday holiday are apparently relative slow restaurant days.   From past experience we knew that Mozza's pasta dishes are small in size, so for two people it would take two pasta dishes, an appetizer, and a main entree for a filling meal.

The evening started with a complimentary ricotta cracker which was shockingly tasty.

Our appetizer was equally tasty--mission figs with pancetta and dandelion leaves, though I could have done without the latter.

First pasta was the sweet corn cappellacci, which was cut up into small bits.  The pasta and filling was good but the sauce was off.

The second pasta, the orecchiette with sausage was spot on, the highlight of the meal.

And the main entree was the duck confit with pear mostarda and sweet corn in side containers.  I thought the pear/mustard sauce was strange, not to mention overly spicy.  The crispy duck was excellent, though perhaps a tad too salty.

Not bad for an unexpected meal of about $100.

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