Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Newly Opened Enlighten Bistro 168 May Already Be The Best Dim Sum Restaurant in the Los Angeles Area.

I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads since few of you have heard of Enlighten Bistro 168. It opened a few weeks ago in the old Marie Callender’s at 820 S. Baldwin in Arcadia, four blocks up from Chef Tony.  But despite its recent opening, I would be surprised that when the smoke clears this isn’t the best dim sum in town. As big of a cheerleader as I am for Los Angeles having the best Chinese food in the country, the one area where we fall short is dim sum, where there are several dim sum operations there which I prefer to anything here in Los Angeles. In this regard, Enlighten Bistro is much more reminiscent to me of Bay Area dim sum rather than San Gabriel Valley.

This is Enlighten Bistro's golden har gow, their equivalent to the squid ink shrimp dumpling with gold leaf, and which conservatively is as good as, if not better than Chef Tony’s.