Friday, June 4, 2010

Laura Ling Names Baby After Bill Clinton

I read today where journalist Laura Ling named her new baby after Bill Clinton. This is certainly understandable and a fine gesture given Clinton's role in getting the journalists released from North Korea. The problem is that the baby is a girl. How do you name a baby girl after Bill Clinton? Well, the baby's middle name is Jefferson. I hate to say it, but Jefferson is not an appropriate middle name for a girl. There's nothing wrong with using a surname as a middle name, but since Jefferson is both a surname and a boy's first name, that just doesn't sound right. It probably would have been more meaningful to use Clinton as the middle name.

I often wonder what Ling and Euna Lee thought when they were led out of their North Korean jail cells only to see Bill Clinton there in person. If it was me, I would have thought "Oh no! Now they've captured Bill Clinton."

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