Thursday, June 3, 2010

Impeach Bud Selig! This Neanderthal Must Go

Baseball is the only popular 19th century sport still being played in the United States. Yes, football and basketball are 19th century creations, but they've changed with the times. Baseball, on the other hand, is still mired in a previous century, perhaps the early 20th century if not the 19th century. Only baseball has ridiculous rules preventing a player from re-entering a game, mandating an equal number of at-bats for all players, in the National league requiring pitchers to bat, silly rain-out rules that truncate, negate or result in no contest games, and others I can't think of immediately. And of course, almost no use of instant replay. It is fitting that such a backwards game is led by such a Neanderthal as Bud Selig. With Armando Galarraga being jobbed out a perfect game by an admittedly erroneous umpiring call, Selig could easily have reversed the decision, particularly since the mis-call came on an otherwise game ending play. But slug that he is, Selig declares it's back to the future and refuses to do the right thing. I'm surprised people still go to baseball games given the state of the sport.

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