Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yes Virginia, There Really Was A Strange Taste Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

One of the most unusual Chinese restaurant names I have encountered was Strange Taste Cuisine at 20 Henry Street in New York Chinatown which operated around 2007 and 2008.  I mentioned it in my interview in the theatrically released Chinese food documentary The Search For General Tso, as well as in my Menuism article on best odd Chinese restaurant names.  However in neither case was the restaurant actually shown.  In the General Tso movie they had to settle for a shot of whatever was at 20 Henry Street when they filmed the movie, while Menuism showed a third party menu that happened to have a dish called strange taste chicken on it.  I was slightly bothered by this, as a true skeptic might not believe that Strange Taste Cuisine ever existed.

Fortunately, I just inadvertently came across some of my random photographs, and being smarter than I realized,  I had taken taken a picture of Strange Taste Cuisine to preserve it for posterity.   I probably should have also photographed the delicious rice cakes I ate there, but I'll settle for the photographic evidence that I do have.

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