Monday, September 14, 2009

Kevin Prince Out With Broken Jaw

There isn't the level of hand-wringing I expected with the news that UCLA QB Kevin Prince broke his jaw in the Tennessee game and will be out to 3-4 weeks. Perhaps this is the result of the fact that there might only be one worrisome game--at Stanford on October 3--in his absence. Or perhaps it reflects the fact that Prince has merely been efficient some of the time, as opposed to having amassed world class stats in his two starts. Then again, maybe with the improvement in the OL over last year, perhaps even Kevin Craft wouldn't be able to repeat his 2008 performances. One thing, though, is that the oddsmakers have clearly taken the QB situation into account, with UCLA being only a 10 point home favorite over a Kansas State team that barely beat Massachusetts at home and then lost at Louisiana Lafayette. Well, it's Richard Brehaut's team now, at least for the next two games.

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